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About Us

Sharing a story is a great way to reflect or express yourself. I feel as if there’s an enormous amount of pressure to act and feel a certain way in modern-day society. Personally, I really hated high school. I felt pressured to live up to the version of myself everyone knew me by. Even though I was expressing myself in a certain way, internally I felt scared and alone.


Please open a conversation that other people shy away from. Our society is full of topics that are wrongly filled with shame such as addiction of any kind, eating disorders, depression, abortion, politics, sex, religion, abuse, insecurity... and the list goes on and on. This being said, we should use our freedom and start bringing attention or light to certain subjects that are pushed away. I want to break the surface level barrier by encouraging those to speak out without a filter or fear of judgment. If sharing a story or an opinion helps at least one person then it’s worth it. 


By doing so, you are empowering other individuals to share their stories and speak up. Think about the recent “Me-too Movement.” One person started a single conversation which led to a world-known movement. I think there is so much more power to sharing our stories than people often think. What kind of role model do we want to be? What is it that we want to teach the people around us? How can we express ourselves freely? 

Dear Teenagers is a moderated forum where individuals can anonymously post stories, comments, and view other peoples stories. Dear Teenagers is not liable for any written work on this site and no information on this website or any other Dear Teenagers affiliations should be taken as medical or psychological advice.

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