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K (17)

2020s been one hell of a ride. Started out with my parents having a bloody fallout. My dad was struggling alcoholic for over 7 years ever since one of his brothers fucked him over business wise. And he wasn’t the same since. Drinking himself to sleep every single night and not being present. It was like living with a stranger, the man who was my dad was gone or changed. He would have emotional outbreaks, be too drunk at family parties and just be a mess a lot of the time. It was hard seeing my mom alone, having her struggle to take care of me and my sister without a present dad. I thought it didn’t effect me but it did in ways I didn’t realize. I was addicted to nicotine, alcohol and a small time oxy addict (2 months) I quit it after I started to feel sick all the time. My parent’s relationship got worse overtime, right after January they began to split. My dad came home one night drunk driving from work and falling hard smashing his face on the curb leaving his face in a bloody mess. My mom was furious because she didn’t want me and my sister to see him like this. She then called it quits with him, which sent him into a spin. He drank more and more, he even left for a week which really hurt me, I tried to help him, giving him advice on how to handle the situation. My dad was so scared because he loved my mom so much and didn’t realize how much he was hurting her. Then he left to his home country, seeing his parents helped him with his issues and he cane back ready for a change. Things didn’t go smooth though on the plane back he got corona. He was bad coughing like death, hardly brea hung and breaking into a constant sweat and fever. My mom took care of him, and when he recovered her symptoms began to show. Which lead to him taking care of her. This helped rekindle their relationship making them realize they still cared and loved each other. This was the hardest. I was already feeling alone and not being able to see friends for 5 weeks was hard. As I was still awkward with my mom and dad. I split with a lot of my friends from school. I didn’t see them all the time but we had a nice relationship which fell during corona. I began to whore myself out (this sounds funny) a cycle of drinking myself to sleep, fucking girls I didn’t even like, and just being a fucking bum. It was hard. I was alone and I felt like i was gonna fend for myself from there on out. As my parents began to settle. Both of them recovering from corona, I saw that things would be alright, I got used to my life being fucked even saw the humor in it. Wow my parents divorced, almost died and got back together in the span of 2 months what a joke. My parents are good now things are steady, my sisters fine she’s out of college and is learning to live on her own. I guess I could say the same for me, I’m drinking myself to sleep still got kind of a problem. Who cares. Post this wherever you want your story, front page, I want people to see things get better and things won’t always be fucked forever.


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