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A story, Anonymous (18)

In 2016 I was in a very toxic and controlling relationship, the girl would do anything that she could to get what she wanted, it led to her calling my parents to tell me to get on the phone with her, or having me constantly update her where I was. Over the course of the next year and a half, I constantly tried to break up with her, to get my life back together, she would threaten me with suicide or that she would tell everyone my secrets and spread rumors about me, which just put so much pain and pressure on me, which led me to cutting myself and depression. I would have cuts all up and down my body from my ankles all the way to my face and it was just my way to deal with all my anger and pain she had caused me . One night I attempted to break up with her for the millionth time, again she threatened suicide and make up a story that I cheated on her, the only way how I though to be free from her and alone and at peace was to kill myself, so I wrote a suicide note to my parents apologizing for everything and explain why i was doing what I did. I didn’t end up going through with it but I cut my face with a credit card and the next morning my parents found that note. Walking into their room and seeing them in tears was the worst feeling ever. It shattered my heart to see the people who love and supported me the most in so much pain. Towards the end of the relationship I was done with her and her shit...I didn’t care, it led to me giving my parents my phone for weeks so she couldn’t contact me. I was happier I felt her shadow had lifted off me and I wasn’t constantly watch. One day I was in town by myself and just thought to myself “fuck it” I texted her “I’m done with your shit, lose my number” 15 minutes later she showed up to where I was and had one of my shirts that I gave her in the beginning of our relationship and threw the shirt into a tree, later on I found out she burned all my clothes that she had from me, She also started to spread false rumor about me at my high school. She also told her friends and her parents that I “raped” her which was just bullshit. Which caused my depression to get worse and got to the point of where I would stop eating on a regular basis and just break down nightly asking myself “why me”. This girl fucked up my life, ruined my reputation and ruined how I trust people now. It took around 2 years to finally love myself for who I am and be happy.


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May 22, 2020

Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately, toxic relationships are more common in high school then people would think. I too have been threatened with suicide over ending a relationship and it is extremely overwhelming. I think anyone hearing that from someone would have more or less the same response: he or she will be appalled. If the two people ever truly loved each other, neither can be careless towards the welfare of the other. If this became a regular response- realize that was emotional abuse. Some individuals who do this more than once to the same person, try to manipulate the other person by playing on their feelings of love and fear for them. As a response to the…

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