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Anxiety and quarantine, Anonymous (17)

I am an extremely anxious person by nature and I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety. A few months ago I went through a lot of changes in my life and my friends began to fade away. At first this was terrifying and I could hardly do anything in my day to day life. Before quarantine I was in probably one of the worst places I’ve ever been in mentally. I felt so isolated, unwanted, and of course anxious. When I did have rare conversations with other people, I could hardly hold a conversation because I was so scared that I would say or do anything wrong and everyone would end up hating me. Now we’ve been in quarantine for 9 weeks and honestly I feel better than ever. Of course I want the virus to go away as soon as possible and I feel awful for anyone who has been negatively affected by it, but my mental health has improved so much. Even though I’m “isolated” I feel comfort in waking up everyday and only having to worry about myself and no interactions with anyone else. But because of this I’ve become so scared of leaving this quarantine. My friends still feel so far maybe further than before and I know that it’s going to hit hard when things start to go back to normal. I want the virus to end but I want to stay in quarantine. Im so so so so scared of going back and I know my anxiety is going to be worse than ever. Even though I’m okay right now I feel this dread for what’s to come and I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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May 14, 2020

Thank you so much for being so open and sharing your story. I also suffer with extreme anxiety and have found it hard to do daily things in life. Anxiety can for sure differ for everyone. One of the most helpful things I've learned, is to target places in your life where the anxiety feeds from. For example, from my own life, most of my anxiety comes right now from my ex boyfriend. Once I target the exact area of my life, like you mentioned your friends, I try and do exercises mentally, or physically to try and lower the anxiety. For example, I journal whenever I start to think about him, or I talk to someone for hours and…

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