Casual racism towards Asian Americans, Anonymous (16)

I am an Asian American of Indian heritage that was born in the United States. Going to a school district in which Asians were the majority meant that I was not subject to racism in my early life. However, I began to see the harsh reality once I started browsing through social media. Every single time even a casually racist, sexist, or homophobic remark was made about women, black people, members of the LGBTQ community, a wave of users from all backgrounds would rush to support those subject to this torment. However, I began to notice that this was not the case with Asian Americans. Every time an East Asian person was called a dog-eater or the cause of COVID-19, or every time a Desi or Arab person was called a scammer or a terrorist, it would simply be brushed off as a joke, and those who supported them would be called soft. I was mostly unaffected by this however, until fairly recently. The very people with Black Lives Matter profile pictures were making TikToks about "Chinese people with Corona" only months or weeks before. The blatant hypocrisy of these individuals is starting to become evident. Of course, I applaud everyone who stands up for the Asians subject to these jokes and am not saying that everyone is a hypocrite. Additionally, I don't intend to take attention away from the Black Lives Matter movement. However, people who are the subject of racist "jokes" may be affected more than you think, even if many of us such as myself can ignore it. Please keep that in mind next time and think before you comment or say something hurtful.


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