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Chaos, Anonymous (16)

I can’t even explain what goes on. In simple terms: just straight chaos is channeling through my head. I have no way to handle it. No way to stop all of it. My head is just underwater but I manage to seem calm. I attempt to master my anxiety through laughter, physical exercise, and learning... but nothing works. With isolation, it seems like the ideal time to try and figure myself out, but I don’t know how to start. What the hell do I even do?

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Mental health/perception, Anonymous (17)

I’ve dealt with mental illness nearly my whole life - anxiety and depression to be exact. I’ve come to terms with it over the years, yet I’ve found myself lost within it. With acceptance came erasure

Men have feelings too, Anonymous

As a male, we have that sort of stigma that we need to be mentally there or strong. Holding back emotions so that we don’t burden others. And I know it’s easy to say “ well just don’t.” But it’s not t

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