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Figuring things out, Anonymous (16)

I’m gay. My family is super religious, and I don’t mind it at all. They are accepting enough, and I’ve made some really good friends and learned lots of important lessons through church. But, there has always been an underlying sense of limitation, confusion, and repression in trying to balance these two different parts of me. In church, I’m told that I shouldn’t act on the attractions I experience, but every other instinct tells me that it’s perfectly fine to love who I love. And I’ve considered countless times just separating the two and choosing to simply be who I am, but the difficult part of that is that despite all the sadness and pain I have felt from it, religion is still important to me and has shaped so much of who I am today. It’s strange and I am scared for the future. I’m scared that I won’t find someone who understands my situation, who won’t be able to process my illogical reasons for trying to adhere to conflicting beliefs. I don’t even know exactly why I do, but a big part of it just feels right. I just want to love someone without feeling guilty about it. I want to love someone without being an inconvenience. I want to be easy to love. And I have no idea if any of those things will ever happen.


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hi so ive been writing a lot of college essays and like yeah technically they’re about me and who i am but like honestly they’re just not really. they’re about who colleges want me to be, not who i am


Zachary Khouri
Zachary Khouri

Being a teenager isn't easy. In the media, adolescence is always painted as perfect or beautiful. It is anything but, especially for LGBTQ teenagers. As an adult, you will be able to have the freedom to explore your identity. You don't need to figure everything out yet. There are many LGBTQ-affirming places of worship. Remember that you are not an inconvenience. You can reach out to us at Dear Teenagers if you need someone to talk to. Mine is

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