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Finding myself, Anonymous (16)

Hi guys, I am 16. I am currently struggling with finding myself. I don’t know who I am, mainly in terms of sexuality. I know I am a girl. I have a crush on this girl at school and have given some hints to her, but I haven’t told her face to face. I am terrified to. I have told my mom, that I don’t know what I am yet, and she said it is perfectly normal. But I am not sure it is. Because I see this peer pressure going around where everyone already knows who they are and what they identify as, but I am here, being like idk. And need you guy’s help. Btw I am sorry if this is not in order or not as a story. Welcome to my head. Hope you understand.


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hi so ive been writing a lot of college essays and like yeah technically they’re about me and who i am but like honestly they’re just not really. they’re about who colleges want me to be, not who i am


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