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"Good kid," Anonymous

I’ve always done well in school and had a good amount of friends. I have good grades, good friends, and a good home. Sometimes I feel ashamed that I have such a good life, but still feel so sad. Whenever I’m around people, I try to act super happy, and sometimes I fake being happy so much that I actually do feel happy, but as soon as Im alone, I can’t stop overthinking everything that is going on. Whenever I try to open up to someone and tell them that I self harm I always back out. When someone notices a cut on my arm, I always say that I scraped myself. I felt like I could never open up to someone about what I was doing to myself, until I got an old friend back. We became really close again and I told her about my self harm because I knew I could trust her. She told me she also self harmed and showed me the cuts from her legs, thighs, arms, and even stomach. She was the reason that I didn’t get worse because I felt like I could talk to her about anything and she wouldn’t judge me. Over this past year, my mental heath has been getting worse and I’m scared that I’ll start cutting again and I’m scared of what will happen because I moved to a new school and we haven’t talked to each other in 7 months.


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