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Harassed for being me, Anonymous (17)

It happened in English. The teacher was talking about gender roles, and the topic made it’s way to abortion. Being a vocal proponent of pro life ideals, I though I would politely voice my beliefs. Little did I know, opening my mouth would get me nothing but hate. The class went silent. I could sense the hostility. People would call me woman hater, tell me to kill my self. All because I don’t like killing babies. Since then, it’s been hard to go to school. I have no respect from my liberal classmates. Teachers don’t call on me. Worse, they stand by and watch me be harassed. I know I’m not wanted, but why does it have to be like this. All over my viewpoint that murdering kids is immoral. It hurts sometimes, but all I have now is my morals, and I have to stand by them.

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