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Hating myself, Anonymous (16)

Ever since I was in 5th grade I struggled to love myself. All I ever did was compare myself to others and always end up crying because I didn’t look like them. I was always heavier than the other girls around me. My parents weren’t very supportive whenever I came to them. Whenever my parents got mad at me they would call me “fat”, “stupid”, “worthless”. I knew I couldn’t rely on my family. I also have always struggled with making friends. I just get so much anxiety whenever I have to meet new people and make new friends. I’ve lost many friends over the years, and now I’m starting to feel that I’m the problem. I’ve never been confident in myself. I feel as if I drag down others because of the way I feel constantly. Quarantine is actually improving my self worth and confidence. I always had problems with eating loads of food whenever I was bored. I knew that doing this was what made me gain all the extra weight. But now I’m actually gaining a healthy relationship with food. Watching all these YouTubers with similar struggles helped me start my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Weight is currently coming off, and my self-confidence is going up.


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