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How I really feel about you, Anonymous (17)

sometimes i sit and wonder how we would be if we could’ve just been honest with each other. i feel as if we were great together and brought out only the best in one another. it was you above everyone else and it’s still like that, ion think nothing could ever change that. im sorry for not being good enough for you, all i ever wanted was for you to be happy but i don’t think i ever did make u happy. ive been scared to admit it but I fell in love w you, in the midst of all the craziness, i fell in love w you and i still love you to this day. you say you’re a messed up person and i deserve better which is why you had to let me go but regardless of everything we’ve been through, i don’t see that. you’ve always been such a caring guy to me and with such a big heart, always so gentle and considerate. you’re the only one i trust and feel comfortable enough around to be myself. I’ve let you see all of my flaws and you still stuck by my side. whenever we’re together, i feel as if nothing else matters and all of my worries go away. whenever we make love, i feel things i can’t explain and ik you do as well. i love when you stop stroking to kiss me gently and how you always look at me like we’re the last two people on earth just forgetting about all of the chaos, enjoying their time together. i wish i knew how you really felt and that we could have a genuine conversation and express how we really feel ab each other. i think I’ve never told you because im afraid of how you’ll react or that you may not feel the same way towards me. i also wish you could see yourself thru my eyes and maybe then you’d realize why I’m so in love with you.


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