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Hurt, Anonymous (18)

I was 16. A virgin. He was a year older. My friends saw him take me to a bathroom. They did nothing. I felt alone and scared. I thought I was going to die. I became depressed and I started to hate myself. I would see him in school and I would get panic attacks. I was afraid to report because I didn’t think I would be heard. To this day I get scared when people touch me. I’m learning to love myself now. I can't look at him without getting anxious. He ruined me.

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May 14, 2020

I'm so sorry he hurt you like that. This saying gets thrown around when it comes to rape but its a very important one to hear: It was not your fault. In no way was there anything that you ever did to deserve something so awful. I'm sorry he took advantage of you and caused so much harm. I'm sorry your friends did not step in and help you. They should have, and this man should have been put away. I am sorry you don't have the justice you deserve and I'm sorry this has affected you so much more than anyone could probably imagine. I want to start by saying you are a lot braver than you think. Being…

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