Hurt, Anonymous (18)

I was 16. A virgin. He was a year older. My friends saw him take me to a bathroom. They did nothing. I felt alone and scared. I thought I was going to die. I became depressed and I started to hate myself. I would see him in school and I would get panic attacks. I was afraid to report because I didn’t think I would be heard. To this day I get scared when people touch me. I’m learning to love myself now. I can't look at him without getting anxious. He ruined me.

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Kindergarten, Anonymous (15)

When I was in kindergarten (5 years old), we did partner reading every other day. we would split up into pairs and go around the room to read a book. This one boy in my class would always pick me as h

My Abuse, Anonymous (14)

When I was 11, my dad had found a girlfriend who had two sons. At the time the youngest was 14 and the oldest was 15. A few weeks after meeting her family, her youngest son started to sexualize me. He

More than my trauma, Anonymous (19)

I was sexually assaulted by a family friend when I was 6. He made me promise to never tell anyone. I never did. I was sexually assaulted again at 13 by a boy I went to school with. I reported it to bo


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