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I don't even know why, Anonymous (19)

Is it weird to love someone you barely talk to? Someone that at one point made you feel really good about yourself because it seemed like they cared for you and you never felt that way with anyone else? Someone that you stayed up late with texting each other even though your eyes were too heavy to handle? Someone that makes you feel weak to the knees but they have no clue that they have such power? This person made me feel like I mattered. It felt good to have someone to talk to about most of my problems. But like with most things in life, they always end unexpectedly. Without reason. I'm still wondering what I did wrong if I did anything at all. Even saying that I love this person doesn't seem right, but I refuse to neglect it. The only way for me to take this thought out of my head is to hear them say that they feel the same...or not at all.


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A love not sure, Anonymous (17)

after one year he told me he didn't know if he was still in love with me. it's been 3 weeks since he said it and were still together but i feel like i'm constantly on edge with him. he is a huge part

How I really feel about you, Anonymous (17)

sometimes i sit and wonder how we would be if we could’ve just been honest with each other. i feel as if we were great together and brought out only the best in one another. it was you above everyone

I need closure, Anonymous (13)

Okay, so there is this girl who used to be my very best friend for 4 years. we were really close. we shared families and everything. at the time I was struggling with an eating disorder, depression, a


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