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It was just a walk, Anonymous (15)

I just wanted to take my dog out for a walk. Half an hour of just relaxing with the nice warm weather with the cool breeze every so often. Before the park, I go to empty streets usually with a lot of people walking through them because of quarantine now. Why couldn’t someone have walked through them when it happened? A man I’ve never seen before grabbed me. I let go of my dog's leash and just froze for a little while he did multiple things to me. I ended up starting to fight back and he ended up doing what he wanted and finishing so he let me go. I ran after my dog and ran as fast as I could home looking back every second to see if he was still there making sure he didn’t know where I lived. I kept silent for a little. All my friends asked me what was wrong why I changed why I was acting differently. I just pretend nothing was wrong. I’ve seen all these strong women’s stories about their experiences and to tell people but I just can’t. I just told two of my favorite people. They show me great comfort and I know they will help me heal. No one ever deserves for them to be touched by someone they don’t want to be touched by. My friends want me to tell my parents. But I have the fear. What if they don’t believe me. What if they think I’m over exaggerating. It takes time to heal and eventually that time will come but for right now it’s not that time yet.

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