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Kindergarten, Anonymous (15)

When I was in kindergarten (5 years old), we did partner reading every other day. we would split up into pairs and go around the room to read a book. This one boy in my class would always pick me as his partner because my friends didn’t want to pick me. He would always pick the one spot in the classroom where no one could see us. He would force me to put my hand down his pants and touch him inappropriately and would do the same to me no matter how much I said no. I was so scared, but I finally told my parents and they didn’t care. I told the counselor and she didn’t care. I told my teacher and she didn’t care either. None of them tried to do anything about it. Now I have a distorted image of sex that I’m working on fixing that men can take what the want when they want it and women are just objects for them to use. I’m too embarrassed to tell my therapist (or anyone) because I’m so young to be having sex and it’s already been 10 years since I was molested. I’m ashamed of talking about it and letting it hurt me because it was so long ago, but it still haunts me now.

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