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Manipulated and molested, Anonymous (15)

It started when I was 14. I had just entered high school and didn’t have many close friends since I had come from a private middle school. When I came, I decided to hang out with some senior family friends because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. I didn’t realize by doing that would lead me into a toxic and manipulative secret relationship. He was 18, I was 14. He never let me tell anyone about us. I never knew why but I just assumed it was because of the age difference. For over 3 months we had a sexual relationship. I said no many times but he never took it. He would beg me to say yes or would leave me standing there all alone. It hurt because I loved him and and and I thought he loved me back. He acted like he did, so I believed it. Come to find out he was just using me. He got arrested for molesting a 7-year-old girl at his job. After that, I found out that what he told me, he told the same thing to other girls. It hurt, a lot. It still hurts and I’m almost 16 now. I loved him and he used that to his advantage to make me give him what he wanted.


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