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Men have feelings too, Anonymous

As a male, we have that sort of stigma that we need to be mentally there or strong. Holding back emotions so that we don’t burden others. And I know it’s easy to say “ well just don’t.” But it’s not that easy. And I’ll never ever understand for the life of me why but it’s just not. See, as a male, I and others are constantly put on the spot and expected to be strong for others and hide our emotions and suppress those feelings but it builds up so damn much and I don’t know what to do with it. Society has built us up not to put them out there. Cry and your a baby. Not be emotional enough and you are a douchebag. We just bottle and bottle until it blows and it makes us look bad. And once one of us says something, it’s always “ we cared for men’s health” “your just contradicting what women say” “you just want attention.” I’m tired of that. You know, I haven’t cried in 8 years. I haven’t shed a year since my grandfather died 8 years ago. Anyways. That’s my spill.

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