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Mental health, Anonymous (14)

Well hi, I wanna talk about my story because I feel like I cannot let go at all and it’s very hard for me. When I was young I did not really have much of a childhood, I saw what the real world was like way to early and it made my mental health very very bad, and as I grew older I began to not be able to feel. I felt like I was trapped and I was never going to get out of that dark place. As I grew older I began to experience more things, those being i would cut myself and try to commit suicide but failed multiple times. Then, the two worth things ever happened my two friends had passed and it was so hard for me because they made me feel like I was living. But then I really just i wasn’t getting any better. Then after that another horrible thing happened and I was sexually assaulted (r@ped) three times and still no one knows about that because I am scared and I have to live through it every day of my life and it hurts but along with that I have always been bullied well this year would mark 8 years but it’s wtv I think I don’t know. But then I saw this angle my best friends and bf they brought me back to life and lifted me back up. If you are reading this just know that you are so strong for staying here for so long and please don’t give up. There will always be a way out of that dark place and although it seems like eternity but I promise you that you’ll get through this. And YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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