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My addiction, Anonymous (16)

I’ve never really been too open about this topic, but in short: I got raped by someone I was talking to at the time, he was extremely abusive and would hit me and manipulate me to stay with him. After the incident, I ended things completely and fell into a depressive state. I started going to drug parties with friends I knew and soon got addicted to coke and opiates. I couldn’t go more than 24 hours being sober, I hated my existence and saw myself as “wasted space”. Everything I did made me feel guilty and I felt like I was a constant burden. It’s been the worst past few months of my life, but I’m finally working towards sobriety.

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The life, Anonymous (17)

Ok so it started at 3 my parents used 2 beat me and starve me a lot and only feed me when they wanted 2 and then when I turned 4 my mom died from overdose so i got adopted by many families and I was i

Helpless, Anonymous (17)

I was 16 when I first started to isolate myself. I hid how I truly felt. No one knew I was sad, anxious, and lonely because I never showed it, and I still don't. I can come off as outgoing, friendly,

Anonymous (17)

Throughout my life I've never felt like I deserved any happiness. Every time I was close to a steady and content life, I would somehow try and ruin it. I allow people to walk all over me and treat me

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12.05.2020 г.

I just wanted to start by thanking you for sharing your story. It takes an enormous amount of strength to work towards sobriety. You do not have to go through something like this alone. If you wish to speak about this more personally, please email

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