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My best friend, Anonymous (16)

I got a boyfriend, and I really really like him. But I usually feel uncomfortable around him because I've heard some really bad things about him. That he smokes, drinks, vapes, and cheats on girlfriends. These are all things that happened last year, and I've never actually seen him do it and I know there's no proof, but a lot of people seem to tell me this stuff. He's also known for being a player. I get really mesmerized by compliments and I fall head over heels when an attractive guy talks to me, and that's why I fall in love so easily. Most of my friends either hate him or love him, there's really no in-between. I asked him about these rumors, and he was actually pretty nice and kind about it. He seems respectful and he says he's changed, and honestly, it's very believable. He says "quarantine changed me a lot" but I still have some second thoughts. I know I shouldn't judge someone by their past, but I still like him. I'm just really confused right now.


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