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Rape culture affects men, Anonymous (17)

So I'm not that big of a party animal, however, my friends seem to always drag me along to parties. One night my friends heard of a Halloween party and we decided to go. I have never had my first kiss so I wasn't planning on it tonight. My friends and I decided to all dress up as a group. We all went as lifeguards. A couple of white claws later, I noticed I wasn't with my friends anymore. A blurry mass came towards me. I noticed it were some of the girls from my high school. They asked me why I was sitting by myself and asked if they could join me. We were sitting outside by the pool and we were the only ones there. One girl, I remember clearly asked her friends if they could leave us for a minute. She took the white claw can out of my hand and whispered in my ear "Have you popped your cherry"? I remember my legs quivering when I heard her words. I couldn't believe I was being put in this position and I remember why my mom said to avoid alcohol and girls( a deadly mix). I wished so dearly for her to walk away and leave me in my shorts and tank top but she just wouldn't. She grabbed the waistband of my shorts and ripped them so ferociously that it left red marks on my waist for months. now that I was just in my tighty whities she began to go south of the border and my eyes rolled back into my head I could no longer see the lights of the party just 30 feet away. She remarked while violating me that I had the biggest "erection" she had ever grabbed. My arms went stiff as she began to ride. And I knew that I would no longer be the little boy I was and now became a man but not my choice, I had that choice ripped from my hands and into the pockets of her. Whenever I would tell people about this they would laugh or say ima bitch and honestly it hurts... I told my mom and she forced me to get tested. I feared the results, as I have read about the many STDs you can get from rape. The test came back positive for herpes. I can never get rid of what she gave me, I can never escape, I can run but I can't hide from the truth that...RAPE CULTURE AFFECTS MEN.

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