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Self love, Anonymous (17)

I don’t understand how people fall in love so easily with themselves. At the same time I feel like people care too much about themselves to help other people. Everyone always says “i’m here if you need me you can talk to me whenever,” but that’s just not the case. I feel like if i reach out to a friend i just get back a “you're pretty don’t worry” like that’s supposed to help? I’ve found body image to be especially hard with this. i don’t have a waist like Kendall Jenner. I don’t have an ass like Summer Ray. I don’t look like what’s supposed to be perfect and how am I supposed to live with that? I say something about it and I get back “omg shut up you’re skinny.” Well not enough apparently. I find myself mindlessly scrolling through social media staring at the girls who I want to look like but i know i never will. I try and workout but I lose motivation. I try to diet but i end up starving myself and then binging. “Omg shut up you are skinny” isn’t a compliment. It reminds me that no one actually cares about how I feel. I feel like i’m so beyond the point where “you’re perfect the way you are” will never have an impact on me because i know i’m not. I dont know maybe just me.


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13 de mai. de 2020

I completely relate to this so much. I get the same responses from my friends all the time, and then feel like I'd rather be suffering alone internally. It wasn't until this last year that I actually felt like I made one friend that I could talk about real things with openly. The biggest part about self love that I've learned from personal experiences, is that you shouldn't look to other people for reassurance about yourself. You should be enough for you, no one else. This is your one body, one mind, and one life. It's so much easier to go through life looking at all these Instagram models and comparing yourself to them, but they go through insecurities too.…

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