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Struggle, Anonymous (15)

I feel like when my parents have arguments it's supposed to bring you “strength” but all it does to me is bring me down, go into depression, not socialize for a bit. It sucks because being OUT, is the only way of being happy around friends, nature, etc.. My mom is the ones paying for bills, fixing things, not even my dad, he barely works, when he gets his check he wastes it on unnecessary things when he needs to realize he needs to support his family, I think he’s cheating because at night he comes home super late and I always am awake. My siblings don’t even care about how little I am, how I feel, I lost my bond with my sister who was my best friend. I used to tell her everything now we just parted ways. I feel trapped like I have nobody to relate too. being at home sucks and my mom rarely lets me go out because “grades.” My grades are fine and she gets mad over like one C or D. yet she lets my siblings go wherever they want it’s not fair. My teenage years have sucked because I can't leave. I hate being at home.


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