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The life, Anonymous (17)

Ok so it started at 3 my parents used 2 beat me and starve me a lot and only feed me when they wanted 2 and then when I turned 4 my mom died from overdose so i got adopted by many families and I was in the system for another year then I finally found a better family but later in my life when I was 13 they started hitting me and now i'm 17 and my brother is addicted 2 fentanyl and he has now been for a year and I have no idea what to do besides stay in my room.

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I was 16 when I first started to isolate myself. I hid how I truly felt. No one knew I was sad, anxious, and lonely because I never showed it, and I still don't. I can come off as outgoing, friendly,

I’ve never really been too open about this topic, but in short: I got raped by someone I was talking to at the time, he was extremely abusive and would hit me and manipulate me to stay with him. Afte

Throughout my life I've never felt like I deserved any happiness. Every time I was close to a steady and content life, I would somehow try and ruin it. I allow people to walk all over me and treat me

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