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This isn't about me, Anonymous (16)

I wasn't even going to share my story because it honestly isn't even a story but my family can't afford a therapist anymore so I decided I'm going to share here because my mind is a mess so I'm going to sort out my thoughts. I'm 16 and I got sexually assaulted when I was 12 by my uncle who at that time was blaming my mom for the reason why my grandma (their mom) had schizophrenia. I have scars from being physically assaulted and I have mindlessly told others this story because I didn't realize it was a story that would stigmatize how I was treated by my friends. My brother committed suicide when I was 6 years old because he had severe depression. The week before he died I was diagnosed with severe anxiety as a 6-year-old. Mental health is a big subject in my life so I've been involved in various organizations that work to remove mental health stigma and I am currently working on a project with my own art to remove stigma as well. I was told yesterday by my mom that she had bipolar and she told me she's felt alone her whole life because no doctor understands and I'm the only one that knows. I want to talk to someone about this because it makes me so sad but she said not tell anyone and it hurts a lot. My dad isn't even in the picture even though he physically is. He gripes about dishes and laundry and school and about things that don't matter. I've lost too many friends this year because I don't have the shallow social skills that public school requires. I'm doing fine but my mom is the biggest person in my life and I'm lost and stuck and I don't know.

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