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Trust issues, Anonymous (18)

Betrayal. The feeling when you devote your entire heart, mind, and soul to that one individual, yet they still tear you apart. It's crazy how someone you trust with your whole life can throw you under the bus in an instant. In my life, I've had many people who betrayed me, and I always thought to myself "Why? Why is it that every single person that comes into my life leaves after tearing me apart? " Maybe it's because of who I am. Maybe it's because I'm not worthy enough to make people want to care for me. Maybe it's because I do too much to help others out and never look out for myself. It is for this reason I have isolated myself from the real world, unable to connect with people as I always fear they will do the same as the most important person in my life once did. The person who assured me that they care. The person who assured me and used the words "I would never ever do anything to hurt you." The same person who broke my trust the night I was being distant. The one time I showed a "lack of affection" and "care" was the same time the person retaliated and made me hit my lowest. It's crazy how one person can really affect your life for the better or the worse. This person made it for the worse, and to this day I still think to myself "Why?"

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