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Who I am, Anonymous (16)

Who do I say I am?

I say that I am unloveable

I say that I am too fat

I say that I am too skinny

I say that I am too girly

I say that I am too boyish

I say that I am never going to measure up

I say that I am not worth your time, not worth your care

I say that I am hated, that no one truly cares

I say that I am a nothing and a nobody

But what do you say?

You say I am worth more then I could imagine

You say that I am loved forever, for not even death can stop it

You say that I am more than what this world tells me,

You say I am perfect the way I am

You say that I don’t need to be afraid because I am not alone

You say that I am everything to you

You say that the things I say I am are bare whispers to the thundering roar of You telling me who I am.

Now I know; I am perfect; I am free; I am everything you say I am


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