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You matter, Anonymous (16)

Everyone on here is talking about all the negative things that have impacted their life and how it has and it’s sad. I'm so sorry that you had to go through what you went through or what you’re still fighting. Remember that you are good enough. You matter. Don’t ever think less of yourself. you might be the only person that someone else is holding on to by the thread you have to be there cause if not, it’s gonna be a ripple effect. you have the weight on your shoulders yes, but there are many people near you that will help you hold the weight. You have every reason to be here on this world, in this life time. You matter. and for all the people that have lost something or went through assault, things will get better. The memory will stay with you but you have to believe that things will get better so that they’ll actually get better. People come and go and it’s part of life. You just have to trust yourself and your actions. but don’t do things you will regret. It’s hard to forget about the things that hurt us more. It’s stuck with us forever but don’t let it get the better side of you. Ever. You’re stronger than that. I believe you will be able to make it through this rough patch, even if i don’t know who any of you are. Believe and trust the process and don’t forget you’re worth it and stronger than you think.


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