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​Alone, Anonymous (15)

This year of high school I’ve been feeling really alone. I left my old group because they were really toxic toward each other and only liked drinking and partying. I felt so out of place because I felt like I didn’t fit in at all so I left the group subtly at the beginning of the school year. I still remained close w a lot of them but couldn’t handle the group dynamic. However because of this I lost a lot of my friends and I feel like I have no one. Sometimes I feel like no one actually wants to talk to me and I feel like everyone’s forgotten about me especially over quarantine. Earlier this year someone who I was close with for the longest time was like “I forgot you went to our school low key” and that really hurt. It made me feel so invisible and like no one actually noticed or cared about me anymore. I also feel like I don’t fit into any group and it sucks because I feel so alone especially with school not being in session anymore. I wanna make new friends but there’s no one.


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