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Anonymous (17)

Throughout high school I have found myself in 8 failed relationships all with the same type of structure and same ending. Even if it’s not my fault I take it personally as if I’m not good enough or I’ll never be good enough for them. It puts me in and out of depression and suicidal thoughts. I can be happy alone but deep down there’s an empty space waiting for someone to fill. I wish that I could just find someone who cares about me the way I do about them.


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after one year he told me he didn't know if he was still in love with me. it's been 3 weeks since he said it and were still together but i feel like i'm constantly on edge with him. he is a huge part

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sometimes i sit and wonder how we would be if we could’ve just been honest with each other. i feel as if we were great together and brought out only the best in one another. it was you above everyone

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Okay, so there is this girl who used to be my very best friend for 4 years. we were really close. we shared families and everything. at the time I was struggling with an eating disorder, depression, a


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