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Domestic abuse, Anonymous (16)​

Since I was a little kid, my dad was extremely rude and overbearing. He was quick to get angry and quick to lash out at me. He would pinch me very hard when in public discreetly are a punishment for the smallest, “misbehavior." He would yell at me and publically humiliate me and make me cry when I didn’t play a certain sport well. Even though I tried my best, he didn’t care, and because I lost a lot, would ground me, take away my electronic time, and continue to be rude to me. He would also hit me and slap me when he got angry, making me scared of him. Now, I am stuck in a very shitty place. He has mellowed us throughout the years and is less violent than he was before. However, his rude behavior and destructive abuse would make me hate him. I would feel so happy when he wasn’t there. His mere presence disgusts me and makes me hate him. He has a lot of control over our family and, I sorta have to do whatever he says. I have not had a good parental role model in life, and his behavior has made me cut myself and attempt suicide before. Thankfully it is better now, but I still hate him so much, and I wish he just disappeared from my life.


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