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Friends, Anonymous (17)

I have been missing my friends recently. Obviously, anyone would because of the times right now we can’t see them but even before all this, my friends were never there for me. I got a boyfriend in January and he has been the best thing to have ever happened to me. Honestly. I have struggled with many things and my friends never really understood or took the time to listen to me. They always want to know everything about me but don’t actually care about me. I miss the girls they were freshman and sophomore year because we had a genuine relationship but then they all just drifted and focused on other people and forgot about me. I wish I had good friends who cared about me because I always see all those friend groups of five and six girls who are so happy to be around each other, care about them, and love one another. I want that but I’ve never really had a good friend other than my sister and my sister from another mister. I just wish I could have my friends back. I miss you guys.

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