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Mental health struggles, Anonymous (16)

So I have struggled with knowing my worth ever since third grade. I’ve never fit in and I’ve never had real friends. I’ve never been good enough for my sports, my parents, my sister, or for anyone to stay in my life. no one considers me their best friend I’m just always there. I’m sick of feeling like this and I just wish I didn’t hate waking up every morning and being like really I have to do this again?! no one even knows me for me because no one even gives me a chance to. I never thought I was this ugly or this bad of a person but other people make me feel this way and they crush who I am. this world is surrounded by violence and people who only spread hate and it sucks. I wish more people cared and I wish more people were more kind. It’s not hard to be kind.

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Mental health/perception, Anonymous (17)

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