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Struggles, Anonymous (17)

Everyone had struggles in their life because that is a part of life. I have gone through a lot in the past four years from struggling with depression to sexual assault. I hate to say it and I’ve only told one person about this that I really trust and that is my boyfriend. I have been assaulted two times once in the middle of class in eighth grade and another outside of school during sophomore year. These experiences have truly damaged my mental health and have caused me to have breakdowns randomly and I can’t control them. People ask me what’s wrong and I tell them oh I did bad on a test or some friend problems. I could never tell anyone what has happened to me other than if I really trust that person because when I tried to speak out to adults about this they didn’t believe me and told me that I was doing it for attention. I was utterly shocked by the fact an adult who’s supposed to help you told me that I was doing it for attention. These experiences have affected me in so many ways and when I am down around my boyfriend it affects him so much because he knows it hurts me and I feel so bad but I can’t control them. I have always been seen and the happy nice girl my whole life and who’s life was perfect. I always had good friends good family life I live comfortably but all of that is true but not 100% accurate. I have struggled with toxic friendships, family problems, depression, and anxiety. If you are ever in any situation like this and you feel alone you’re not. I have gone through it and so many others have too. You’re not alone and you will always be loved and never doubt that. Things will get better.

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