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This single video, Neeraj Nair (21)

I am not sure if I am depressed, but it feels like it. I really don't know for sure and but from what I have heard, visiting a doctor isn't of any help either. As they may prescribe meds that help elevate our serotonin levels for a few months but they are like a quick fix that doesn't solve the actual problem.

I am that person who feels good and pumped to do something after watching an intellectually stimulating video. After watching the video, I felt like I could do something about my situation.

Link to the video: The title is a bit clickbaity but the story is worth it in my opinion.

I watched this video and it helped me with the following: 1. Why are we depressed? 2. What causes it? 3. What is the real solution? Instead of giving general answers, the speaker talks about our transition from living in tribes to living alone. Further, he also talks about how social media and social life are different although they may appear to be the same.

I am not trying to promote anything, only trying to share what helped me.

Hopefully, I will find the time to share my story on here soon.

Leela, thanks a ton for making this website.

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